August Update

Extra. Extra; don’t miss the great unveiling of Lori and Tony Vertin’s state of the art 13,000-
gallon pond. The build has been ongoing for two years and finally has fish enjoying all the hard
work that Lori and Tony have invested. Please join us on the Vertin’s farm at 3145 Sally Lane,
Maiden, NC 28650 on August 12th at 9:30 AM (trying to beat the heat) for a fun time.

Speaking of heat, make sure that you are monitoring your water temperatures and doing what
you can to keep them as low as possible. Provide shade, if possible, increase aeration (warm
water holds less oxygen than cool water), cut back on feeding, make sure that you are keeping
a close watch on your KH. With all the recent rain, your KH has surely dropped, and you could
be approaching a dangerous situation with PH. Finally, increase your water changes. Instead of
a single 10 -15% per week, try breaking it up to multiple 5% changes. This will add more oxygen
over a longer period than one single change.


- Terry McClain