September Update

Well, we all had a great time at the Vertin’s. The new pond is up and running, the filter house is just about complete, and Tony has his garage back.

It was well worth the wait to see the project finished. 13,000 gallons and about 20 great looking Koi that look very happy in their new home. The filter system is a work of art, two RDF’s along with two bakki showers and a nice UV clarifier. The piping system is a real work of art. Hat’s off to Tony.

The next phase of the project according to Lori will be the landscaping which if it is anything like the pond will be a sight to see.

The technical part of the meeting was a lesson in catching, anesthetizing, and giving an antibiotic injection to a fish with several bruises and returning it to the pond. While the thought of this may seem intimidating, it proved rather simple in practice.

The date of this month’s meeting has been shifted to September 16th to accommodate our members attending the Potomac Koi show in the DC area.

See you in a few weeks,


- Terry McClain