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AutoCAD 21.0 Crack Free

AutoCAD Full Crack is still widely used and is one of the best known CAD software packages available. However, with the arrival of desktop 3D CAD applications such as Revit and 3ds Max, and the growing popularity of both WebCAD, which runs on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and Autodesk’s free and subscription-based cloud based cloud apps, AutoCAD’s dominance in the CAD software market has been under increasing threat.

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AutoCAD Overview

AutoCAD is a commercial CAD program. The company’s latest release of the software, AutoCAD LT 2020, provides free trial versions of the software. This article covers the AutoCAD professional software.

AutoCAD is suitable for architectural, engineering, and manufacturing work.

As of version 16, AutoCAD is available as a single standalone CAD program, as well as a part of a suite of programs.

AutoCAD is a desktop application. It can be used on a computer with a graphics card or on a graphics tablet. The Microsoft Windows operating system is the supported platform. The application is cross-platform and can also be installed on Apple Mac computers. It also comes in a mobile version for iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets.

When you first install AutoCAD, you will be shown the Welcome Screen.

After you accept the license agreement and click Next, the installation process will begin.

During installation, the following screens will be shown.

Welcome screen

Automatically create a default 2D drawing

Set up 2D or 3D drawings

Choose the print setup

The installation will complete. You will be given the opportunity to create a new drawing with a template or start a new drawing from the last completed one.

The following screens will appear after installation.

Automatically create a default 2D drawing

Set up 2D or 3D drawings

Choose the print setup

The next screen asks if you want to rename the default.dwg and.dwg2 files.

This menu option also includes the following sub-options:

Ignore the default file name

Replace the existing file name

Replace the existing file name and add a new file name

Replace the existing file name and add a new file name and create a new folder

Renaming the.dwg and.

AutoCAD 21.0 [Mac/Win] [2022]

Windows GIS (Geographic Information System) available through AutoCAD allows you to perform location-based actions.
The Inventor tools are application extensions that allow you to create and modify digital models.

Third party software products such as Geo-Lite are designed to work with AutoCAD. Third party products and services for AutoCAD are also provided by Autodesk Application Services


Revit is a 3D-modelling program designed to be compatible with AutoCAD, introduced in 1996. It is designed to support parametric modelling, so that a computer model can be automatically constructed from simple construction tools. The program incorporates many features of computer-aided design, including the ability to model a building that takes into account the structure, materials, construction, and other properties of the building.


In conjunction with HomeCAD the AutoCAD LT (Revit) 2010 release introduced support for the RS-Control and Miele home automation standard.


Assets is a video editing software developed by Autodesk. It allows users to import and manipulate multimedia files for editing purposes. Autodesk acquired the assets developer NCH Software in 2007 and renamed the product to Autodesk Media and Entertainment in 2010. It was released as version 1.0 on November 22, 2010.

Autodesk Digital Publishing Suite

Autodesk Digital Publishing Suite includes Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Revit. Autodesk Digital Publishing Suite’s main goal is to extend the life of a company’s legacy CAD drawings through the use of Web Services, the AutoCAD LT software and software updates, cloud computing, and a subscription-based business model.

In 2008 Autodesk and Facebook introduced a collaboration between the two companies aimed at improving the AutoCAD LT and Facebook integration.

Autodesk 360° Apps

In 2011 Autodesk added 360° immersive videos to These 360° videos can be viewed from the Web or a device with a screen. Users can view and interact with the video content from any device, including desktops and mobile devices, as well as from Autodesk’s online product gallery, Autodesk 360° Apps.

Autodesk 360° Apps is an app to create, view, and share 360° videos that are fully interactive. The app allows users to import photos, video

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What’s New In?

Introducing shared data and rendering for collaborative design.

Performance and Performance Improvements

New intuitive Layout and Navigate Performance Improvements: Improved drawing performance, including support for iOS 11 devices and advanced user-interface designs for the second screen navigation experience.

Improved interface design on iPad tablets for the Draw experience and navigation. Improved performance for opening, navigating, and viewing objects and layers in large drawings.

Multi-CAMERA support: Easily capture your work in multiple viewpoints simultaneously, then combine them later with the same multi-camera feature in AutoCAD 2017.

Automatic selection of layout mode: In a move to provide more clarity and control, AutoCAD has new automatic layout settings that allow users to select the layout style they prefer when opening or saving a drawing.

Incremental size limit improvements: Updates to a number of the file size limit settings.

Exported from AutoCAD 2019

The availability of the legacy KTX format to export AutoCAD drawings to external tools. Exports to KTX format, also known as KIF, is available with AutoCAD 2023. For an overview of this new format, see Microsoft’s KTX Specification Overview.

AutoCAD component libraries: Libraries are now available for printing, measuring, text, annotation, and drawing grid lines.

Improved format handling: Formatting output displays and exporting files is more robust and reliable.

Improved performance of the ribbon, including for the ribbon tab dropdowns:

Faster time to open new drawings;

Faster time to view ribbon tabs, groups, and layouts;

Faster time to restore and reposition ribbon tabs;

Faster navigation through the ribbon; and

Faster and more accurate page break to insert ribbon tabs.

Work area:

View and manage individual icons in the task tray.

Task Tray: Add and delete icons in the task tray.

Slim Task Tray: Add and delete icons in the task tray that are 17mm (0.6 inch) high, compared to 22.5mm (0.86 inch) high for the standard tray.

Slim Task Tray: Add and delete icons in the task tray that are 2.75 times smaller than the standard tray.

Extensive new documentation.

Getting started and tutorial improvements:

Introduction: Use the introduction to get started with AutoCAD 2023.

System Requirements:

System Requirements:
Operating System:
Windows: XP SP3/7/8/10
Mac: OSX 10.6.8/10.7/10.8/10.9
Linux: Ubuntu 13.04+/Debian 7.0+
Minimum System Memory: 256 MB
Video Card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti or Radeon HD 7870/HD 6870
Hardware Dual Core CPU