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The AutoCAD application received first critical acclaim in 1983. Although initially developed for graphic design and architectural drafting, it later became a commercial and production-ready CAD program, designed to be used by many types of professional engineers, architects, construction and building contractors. According to the July 2018 estimates, AutoCAD software has a global market cap of more than $3 billion.

AutoCAD is a general-purpose CAD program, which includes several different editing and drawing tools to perform various tasks in the design process. AutoCAD provides a variety of 2D drafting and 2.5D modeling tools, allowing users to draw 2D and 3D objects. An important feature of the AutoCAD software is the ability to place, resize, or move objects with the aim of satisfying engineering and construction design requirements.

AutoCAD is also a development and software engineering tool, allowing users to write code and extend its functionality with macros, scripts, and other AutoLISP programming tools. AutoCAD also supports powerful design calculations, including checklists, advanced dimensioning, optimization algorithms, and other calculations.

In addition to drawing, the AutoCAD program provides various tools to allow the editing of drawings, including annotations, dimensions, rendering, symbols, and text.

AutoCAD offers many new graphical features, such as exploded drawings, parametric surfaces, and cut and paste editing, which were previously only available in specialized software packages.

Some of the latest AutoCAD features include advanced Windows and 3D interface options, embedded applications, and multi-page page layouts for documentation and presentation purposes. AutoCAD software development has been revolutionized with the introduction of the AutoCAD Web App, which can be used for both Mac and PC users. This enables the use of AutoCAD via the Internet, which has had great advantages in the evolution of AutoCAD software.

In April 2018, Autodesk introduced version 2020, its latest major release, and AutoCAD now consists of more than 150 tools. AutoCAD 2020 is available as a desktop app or a cloud-based app, which can be used on the web or installed as a desktop app. The AutoCAD Cloud is designed to provide professional architects and engineers with 24/7 access to AutoCAD.


AutoCAD is designed to provide architects, engineers, and other construction and building professionals with a comprehensive set of tools for drafting,

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AutoCAD has several tools for drawing, including a simple pencil, a digitizing tool (measuring and graphic), a linetype, and a tracing tool.

Drawing tools
Pencil: A light-weight drawing tool. Works on lines, splines, circles, and ellipses. It can be used to draw freehand and can be synchronized to the computer mouse.
Digitizer: A tool used to make annotations and measurements.
L-Tool: L-Tool is a pencil which allows the user to draw curves, splines, and circles in three dimensions. It has six different modes, which can be accessed by pressing one of the six buttons on the top side of the L-Tool.
Tracing tool: A tool that can be used to draw over existing drawing and can be synchronized to the mouse.

Multiuser tools
ObjectARX tools: A set of proprietary tools which can be used in multiple desktops. The ObjectARX tools are included with AutoCAD, but may not be present on a user’s computer or workstation.
ArcTool: The ArcTool is a group of customizable tools which are used to draw and modify geometric shapes.
Construction Tools: Used for drawing, detailing and other functionality related to building design.
Architectural tools: Used for architectural drafting and design. This category includes tools for modeling design elements such as walls, beams, columns, and roofs.
Electrical tools: Used for modeling design elements such as electrical circuits, electrical systems, and building wiring
Floor and Wall: Allows drawing over existing 3D objects.
General tools: Used for drawing, modeling, and other drawing functionality.

Interactive features

Customization of AutoCAD is the ability of AutoCAD to make it behave in a way which is customized to the individual. These modifications are typically made either in configuration files or by editing a specific drawing by using functions such as the “Edit data…” menu. AutoCAD can be updated with customized software to include features for specialized industries, such as those involving the petroleum industry.

Customization is a core aspect of AutoCAD that was designed to allow AutoCAD to function in multiple environments, and is not related to the personalization that is typically associated with multi-user environments. Customizations can be designed to work with specific industry or company standards, and can include tools for use in a specific industry or company

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What’s New in the?

Markup was designed to quickly and easily incorporate feedback from paper, PDFs and other images into your drawings. It also provides a convenient way to synchronize the position, size, scale and rotation of imported objects to your own drawings. The latest update to the Markup Assistant in AutoCAD is built on the success of the previous Markup Assistant. It now provides support for.dwg,.pdf and.png input formats for importing object information. To import object data, draw a rectangular frame on the screen and choose “Import” from the Markup Assistant panel. Alternatively, you can now import from a file system location directly. Check the Recent Files area in the Markup Assistant to quickly review which objects have been imported into your drawing. Choose “Insert” to enter the imported object into the drawing. This feature is helpful when you are working on paper and need to see the model in AutoCAD before adding it to your drawing.

As part of the Markup Assist feature, it’s now possible to synchronize your imported object with your existing drawing using Coordinate Matching. This feature provides real-time adjustments for all the object properties in your drawing and lets you see the changes as they are synchronized with your drawing. (video: 1:48 min.)

Smart Rulers:

Rulers can now be automatically sized or scaled to fit the working area or automatically move to the best edge of the drawing area. Smart rulers are applied automatically, based on the drawing’s active annotation settings. (video: 2:07 min.)


Optimize your revision history with the new revCombo box and the revision History tool. Revise will intelligently combine your revision history objects into one revised drawing, with a new revision history state for each object. Revise will also detect and display multiple revisions of the same object. (video: 0:52 min.)

Revision History:

Revision history helps you restore an entire drawing from a previous revision. You can edit past revisions and revert to previous versions of the drawing, making it easy to navigate back and forth in time and easily see the impact of each change. Revisions can be annotated to give an indication of how long ago the revision was made and how important the revision is. (video: 1:28 min.)

Save FileAs:

Save fileAs allows you to save as a new file with a new name. The new

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