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NameBells ‘n’ Whistles
Rating4.64 / 5 ( 6327 votes )
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– Disclaimer: This game is not authorized by Jourdan Connely, the game publisher or any of its affiliates.
– Game play very similar to Super Jump Chase.
– In Death Run mode, you have to survive the warden.
– In the levels, traps are scattered around in both color and non-color forms.
– You have to switch over to stealth mode to avoid being caught.
– When you have successfully survived, you will get a hint to unlock the next level. If you don’t get a hint, you will have to start the level from the beginning.
– To prevent cheating, we have taken some measures. In order to get all the hints for each level, the player has to reach the required points in the achievements list.
– The achievement list will be updated regularly to keep track of the points.


I never got past level four. (The game just stopped working for me and I never got a hint to start the level.)
One of the benefits of “real” levels of the console games I played was that there was no hint system and you had to unlock everything on your own. Kind of like the action-platformer Ratchet & Clank but way less linear.
If I ever want to play that game again, I can just pull out my current copy of Ratchet & Clank and play that.


As joels says, the hint system doesn’t work here.
If you get to level 4 without the hint, here’s what to do:

Go back to the main menu.
Go back to Main screen 2.
Go to the Training screen.


Go to the difficulty level you want to increase.
Wait for the current level to finish.
Pause the game when it pauses to create a new “real” level

If you don’t have to push a button when the game pauses, you’re good to go. If you have to push a button, you’ll have to do it one level at a time, trying to make your remaining lives last as long as possible.
Be careful of the traps. You don’t want to trigger the big one if you can help it.

Bollywood cinema was all the rage over the past couple of weeks, with Diwali, the quintessential festival of lights, coming to a close and the film ‘Padmaavat’ receiving


Features Key:

  • Speculative Action: Creative exploration, unique puzzles, and unforgettable combat combine for a thrilling gameplay experience.
  • Portal 2: The sequel comes with extended level design, more gadgets, and a brand-new research mechanic.
  • Journey: Players will take on challenging puzzles, avoid deadly fiends, and discover incredible new technologies.
  • Infinite Variety: An enviable arsenal of weapons, tech, and unique armor allows players to deviate from the established formula.


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The classic tank battle game re-opens, guarding your base and defeating all indringing enemy tanks
Your base must be protected!
In addition, the enemy will get some new tanks as well.
Be ready to fight the new enemy tanks in your base!
1) Coming from three cardinal directions.
2) Various new AI tactics.
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5) A comprehensive turret system with various modules, including a special turret.
6) Various skills to improve your armor and weapons, including an upgrade system for a variety of modules.
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Huge Tank Battle
The Year is 2XXX, the Age of war starts with the cold steel, filled with the fury and the imagination.
Hundreds of tanks have been released over the years and each tank with the help of its unique and huge turret is shooting missiles and shooting bullets at the other tanks.
This game has a huge long list of tanks in the game. The game has more tanks than any other tank battle game in the world.
Tanks are divided into two groups, there are super tanks and regular tanks.
A super tank is a tank of the size of a skyscraper and weighs hundreds of tons, can shoot missiles that are several miles long and can fire incredibly powerful gun-tanks.
Like a tank, a regular tank has a powerful body, a huge turret and a powerful big cannon.
This game is more than just a tank battle game but there is a lot of fun to play.

Most Wanted, the second DLC game for Fairgame: Tanks.
This DLC game is the continuation of Fairgame: Tanks second DLC game “Remnant of the Storm”.
The new two maps of this DLC game are “Rat’s


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]]>History of Dosbox 2010-04-25T01:33:06Z2010-04-25T01:33:06Z



Game “Willage”




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Game “Willage” will be a free game in 2010. For the first 3 weeks after release, it will be the only paid-for game for the Wii, PS3 and 360. The game will release in both Europe and America, more details will follow.

The game itself is an adventure / visual novel set in pre WWI. Very early in the game you will run into an unexpected (from you perspective) character called William, who happens to have a plan to regain the Free States of Austria and Germany. Its your task to gather a small group of people and travel to the Free States.

It’s going to be a visual novel. The story unfolds through dialogue choices, choice boxes and text. It will be an interactive, story-driven game. If you have a Wii or a 3DS, you can port the game right now to your console.

For people interested, here is a short and general description of the game:

Vignette: Back in the spring and summer


What’s new in Bells ‘n’ Whistles:

is a 1972 samurai film directed by Kenji Misumi. The movie is based on the ten volumes of the manga Kurozuka, written by Kunio Katō, which tells the story of a samurai named Otsugi, who is ordered to protect a Shinto shrine at night. The following morning he discovers it has been robbed and destroyed, leaving only traces. His search leads him to the residence of the shamisen player Shiba, and the film loosely follows the sequence of events that transpire between them. According to Misumi, it was his intention to convey an atmosphere of simplicity as the story is a simplification of the manga.

The film was an international co-production between Japan, Taiwan and Italy, and released within Japan on December 9, 1972.

The first theatrical release outside Japan was the 1989 anime television series Fox wa Kōbōshi Dattara starring Raizo Kishibe, which was an animated version of the manga Kurozuka. The film gained a cult following in Japan and has since gained a reputation of being one of Misumi’s best works.


In a remote town, the Shogunate rules Japan, while the rebels of the latter half of the Edo period work towards ending the shogunate and calling for a popular government. A new toy called Kubi, where spring comes from a bow and arrow weapon resembling those used in feudal Japan, is causing popular reception. Production is banned throughout Japan due to the use of the weapon, but nonetheless people are abusing the right to make and own them. An Ojiisan craftsman is trying to profit from the ban while enriching his pocket with these weapons despite the Shogunate’s wishes. They are secretly sold to a young man named Ichijō, who uses them, and a young boy sees him do it and follows him. The boy’s parents are arrested for theft, and on the day of their execution he is placed in Ichijō’s custody. The gang are gathered together in the capital during an imperial visit. After being separated from each other, the boy is adopted into the Yamada household and begins training with Ichijō to become a great warrior.

In the town surrounding the shrine Otsugi is hired as a watchman by a man named Fujiwara, who places into his hands a kata made from a short sword and a skull disc. During the following night, Otsugi finds the bow, has a vision of Mitsu, and the next


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Star Trek: Captain to Mr. Spock
Size: 32 MB
Developer:David Redwood
Release: 21/07/07
English Only
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This is a mod for Star Trek: Captain to Mr. Spock. It uses a new
model for the Enterprise.
It also adds the new, visual and physical
characteristics of the Enterprise.
Added the Galaxy Class that was introduced in
Star Trek : U.S.S. Excelsior.
Added in the ship new colors for the old ship
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Ship’s engines.
Control room.
UIC control room colors.
Enterprise bridge.
Control room.
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Exploration bay.
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Intermediate control room.


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