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Published: July 19, 2022 (3 weeks ago)


Welcome to Strange Nightmares! A horror styled pixel game, where you can map your own night times and explore the mystery of the strange child. As the darkness falls each day, you will be forced to navigate through the time settings to discover secrets, and be aware of your objectives and your surroundings at all times. Sleep will not save you, as there is only one way to escape, and that is to find the next doorway to your final destination.

Non traditional save system – all data is stored inside the game, inside audio file.
Timed events – complete set of 30 timed events inside the 6 hour nights, to challenge your skills and survival
Nightmares – 6 Hours of gameplay, with unlockable playable modes
Detailed Gameplay – The UI is detailed to the point of having an actual presentation when you close the app. Be careful what you see… the light is not your friend.
Unlockables – 150+ in game achievements and secrets, and a massive collection of unlockable content available to you as you play and learn more and more about Strange Nightmares.
Pixel Graphics – Fully pixelized, with all art and graphics hand drawn. No cut-and-paste. All hand drawn assets and characters.
Easy to pick up and play, yet a challenge.
File Size – Low, 2MB, and the game is placed in its own folder, instead of inside the app itself for easy app swapping on my website.
Compressed – I’ve made sure to minimize the file size. I also don’t use any weapons or abilities inside the game, no regenerating health or any of that nonsense.
Ported to SBSKArmed robbery at Robbies

THE following is a brief description of the Monday afternoon armed robbery at Robbies in Tioga Lake Shopping Centre which is reported to have taken place at approximately 4.45pm.

A man entered the shop and demanded cash from the till. Two men are then reported to have confronted the man in the shop and punched him before he assaulted one of them. This was said to have been witnessed by two customers.

The suspect fled the shop before the police arrived. They are believed to have taken a large amount of cash and are currently enquiring about a silver coloured car.

It should be noted that the police are reminding the public that it is unsafe to take mobile phones or valuables with them into shops.Security fears prompt move of eye specialist

If you believe that the trouble


Features Key:

  • Great use of environments
  • Great puzzle aspects
  • A rich and full narrative that advances through time
  • Cross-platform support, meaning you can play on the Playstation console, the windows PC or your mobile phone


Genre: Adventure, Side-scroller

Minimum requirements (PS4)

System: PlayStation 4

Graphics: GPU 12 GB

Controller: Standard Controller

Audio: Standard Audio

DLC/Additional game information


11 playable characters (save one secret character)


Firaxis Games

Release Date

26 September 2015


  • A’ recommended guide of this game
  • An excellent savegame manager
  • In-game tips and tricks in the “Power Grid Playsets” tab
  • A guide on the secret character in the game


Deadly Maze: Phase 1 Crack + For PC

A short story about the Man-Machine War.
Mankind is no longer able to continue due to the rise of the Artificial Intelligence.
In order to counter the Artificial Intelligence, mankind is creating the so-called Advanced technologies.
One day, an agent of the International Safety Agency (ISA), Nanami, arrives at Haruki’s homestead.
Through a mysterious connection, Nanami and the principal of Haruki’s house, Miku, are able to communicate with each other.
As an agent of the ISA, she must protect humankind against the Artificial Intelligence in order to prevent mankind from becoming extinct.
*A new weapon, Nanami, has been added to the game!
*As a new weapon, Nanami’s character, a young girl, also has a different voice.
*When attacking, Nanami’s voice will be heard from her back.
*You can change the voice with the right face button.
*There is a certain weakness at Haruki’s homestead. Please remember to run from Haruki’s homestead after defeating the enemy.
*The AI Director level is fixed.
Game length: about 3 hours.
Supported systems: iPhone/iPad, iPod touch/iPod classic, iPad, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS.
*This content was developed by LAMBI.
*It is recommended that the device is connected to Wifi or 3G for optimal performance.
*LAMBI will have its support for iPhone later. Please check the site for details.

Looks similar to the other weapons with handicapped AI Director characters from NISA. It looks like even NISA is outsourcing their weapon development.

Seems like Nanami is good news for NISA. It’s been a long time since any content was added to the game and the AI Director is indeed handicapped with a lousy voice and her AI department is no better than any other company.

On iOS you need to purchase it from the shop. On Android it’s not currently accessible to the shop.

Thanks for the info. It makes no difference to me whether it’s paid or not, as I can’t afford to buy it anyway. The voice seems like a cheap one, but anyway I can live with it. It really is lame, though, that you can’t use the weapon in the BGM screen.

Well, I suppose I can accept that


Deadly Maze: Phase 1 Crack

Full Controller VR Riding Game:
To use this, simply get the latest driver and follow the simple instructions on the included manual.Make sure your controller is connected to your computer by using the included USB cable.After that, it’s as simple as open the installer.Uninstall, install, enjoy!…

ChronosDrive, a single player driving and mech shooter, the only one to feature a completely story-free experience.No pressure, no races, no objectives and no story in ChronosDrive, a third person shooter that changes the genre of driving and mech games.Gameplay is simple, pick up and hold the left mouse button to lean forward, the right mouse button to lean backwards, you are always lean at the same speed.The player controls a large mech on wheels, and has to drive through different levels picking up weapons, enemies and various power-ups along the way.As the player progresses through the levels he discovers the story.The player can switch between normal and first person view at any time, and doesn’t lose any information in this switch.The game also has a save system, which can be used at any time.The objective is simply to survive, for that you have to drive through the levels while finding weapons, enemies and power-ups.The mech is armed with a rocket launcher that can be fired at both land and air enemies. There are three levels in the story mode, and three secret levels are unlocked after completing all three story levels.Features Overview:
Story mode – This is the only game with a story free experience. You will be rewarded with a set of power-ups for completing each level in a story mode.
Player level editor – Want to create your own levels? No problem.
Complete missions – There are three missions in the story mode.
Time based upgrades – Time will upgrade your weapon, mech and health.
Collectibles – You will collect trophies and tokens for completing each level.
Special effects – Explosions, fire, rain and more.
Voice acting – There are many character lines in the story mode.
Save system – You can save your game at any time.
VR support – The game can be played in full VR using a VR-capable monitor or an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
Facebook support – You can join a facebook community and share the joy with others!
For any questions about this game, please contact us here:


What’s new in Deadly Maze: Phase 1:




The dWCE theme is complemented with dWCE plugins that boast a total of 8 modules to add extra features to the theme base.

Where possible, the theme is coded in such a manner to allow for easy customisation and easy back-end editing of the various modules to make them properly work with dWCE. Whilst these plugins tend to require somewhat higher degree of experience with cPanel, in most cases one should be able to make the necessary changes within the usual 5 minute posting session.

The initial aim of the theme is primarily to enhance the base HTML5 theme in order to add features to such an extent that it effectively could be considered a replacement for the T3 theme, when using dWCE without additional plugins. Although not a replacement for T3, the aim here is to make dWCE somewhat more powerful.

Most of these plugins can be found below for you to have at your disposal, in the form of snippets and videos to help you get started as they are all fairly simple to implement and/or understand and implement.


As dWCE is primarily a Genesis based themed which uses regular HTML (creating your site using HTML provides you very limited options, no PHP, no conditions, no loops, no database etc etc etc…), the theme has some limitations which are linked to the manner in which it was coded, your backing server and the skills of the original developer. Despite this, the theme provides some great features to aid your work, and the forums are always open as support for dWCE is made easy through our comments system.

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In order to use the theme and the various plugins that are available, you will need to have access to or set up access to some of the plugins as this is required in order for the plugins to be properly installed on your site, as they are all managed via text files.

With Premium memberships, access to the plugins is unlimited and is included with the purchase of the theme.

As dWCE is HTML based, it is less “heavy”


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Tropico is a game where you build a city, a country, a world that people will actually live in. While the focus is on the first-person city-building aspects, the game also features 3rd person stealth, and political and military strategy elements.Tropico Online is currently available to play in its free-to-play demo mode.Play yourself – take control of your own Tropico city and become a complete ruler.Start small, grow big – as you advance, Tropico allows you to grow your city from a small nation to a huge metropolis with all the resources you need to keep the city going. However, you always have a choice how to allocate your resources, so you can approach problems with a neutral stance, hoping for the best or preparing for the worst.Tropico 6 includes the full version of the game, a fantastic Tropical Paradise island, over 90 new achievements and an extremely detailed Leaderboard.Tropico will be released as a standalone game on January 27th 2016. It has been developed by Penultimo, a two-man studio based out of Sofia, Bulgaria.Play now and receive a free copy of Tropico 6 when it’s released!Of course, this is all bullsh*t. Only CBC’s Mark Kelley would speak to the Canadian military during a debate on the situation in the Ukraine.

This reminds me of a guy who brought a sign to a protest during the G20 about how “the G20 are all racists.” Evidently, in these circles, the G20 are the North Korean supreme ruler, Kim Jong-Un.

My mother is sick and I have a separate series of posts about cancer treatments. But now I have some time to have a quick post on this. My mother underwent major surgery last week that left her hospitalized and unable to have visitors. I am so sad about that, because she has no one but me. I missed my mom’s birthday, but I have my sister and I actually had a phone call from her on Friday.

The surgery was to remove part of her tongue and a spot on her throat that had been squamous cell cancer for the past year or so. My mom was in the hospital for two weeks. It was a 7 hour surgery on Thursday night. The doctors used multiple small holes to do the cutting and stitched her up. On Tuesday, she had a tube to remove the wound orifice on her neck.


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    Game Players Of Tides Of Existence

    Tides Of Existence Game Specifications

    • Developed By EA
    • Genre : "Shooter"
    • Released on : 24/03/2019
    • Download Size : 29.3 GB
    • CPU : Intel i5
    • RAM : 8 GB

    Tides Of Existence Game Features and Functionalities

    • Story : Mixed with Science Fiction
    • Acting : Franchise.
    • Visuals : Concept and imagination
    • Mechanics : Need to learn or play the game offline
    • Multiplayer : Exists

    How To Install Tides Of Existence Game

    • Install The Microsoft DirectX
    • Install The Windows 7 SP1
    • Download & Install The Player


    Windows 7 SP1


    System Requirements:

    CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 2.0 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory: 6 GB RAM
    Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7970
    OS: Windows 10
    Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    Additional: A broadband Internet connection (fiber optic or DSL) and a stable connection to Steam are strongly recommended.
    How to Install Aion on your PC
    1. Uninstall Aion
    2. Download and install “


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