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◆ Introduction
The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that can be played alone or online, in which you can fight your way through the vast and beautiful world of the Lands Between in order to defeat the dark gods.
The Elden Ring features a single-player story mode and a system that accommodates online game play, where friends and strangers can together fight through various dungeons.
◆ Features
[Single Player Campaign] – Through a story mode featuring various traps and enemies, experience how the fate of the world changes.
– For those who wish to play online only, you can play alone against monsters or through the comprehensive battle system, which has an MP system that supports multiple players.
[Master and Servant] – Exchange and combine in order to command the servant to increase its power. When your master dies, his legacy will live on!
[Build a Team] – You are free to build the greatest team in history of the role-playing game! However, your decision might decide the fate of the world!
[Customization] – In addition to various sets of equipment, you can freely combine weapons, armors, and magic.

In the epic tale of the Lands Between, adventurers who surpass the greatest foes can become an Elden Lord, who adds their abilities together and commands the servants.

You can freely choose to serve one of the three different major cities: Luminous City, Draconia, and Old Celica.
You can directly connect with other players when you share the same server, and communicate using text chat, voice chat, and messaging.
Get up close and personal when you can reach the atmosphere of the moment on the forums, and share your experiences in a meeting room.
◆ Adventurers’ Stories
Here are some of the stories that our adventurers have been having in the game:
◇ Story for Servants
◆ Story for Lords
◇ E.G.D. Director’s Notes
◆ E.G.D. Director’s Notes
◆ Experience the Eternity of the World – Free
Lords, worshipers of Celestia, and masters of servants – go on a mission and fight your way through the game. After the mission, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the world and enjoy your possessions.
• You can enjoy 10 campaigns in the single-player story mode.
• Once the mission is completed,


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      A character’s appearance can be customized.
      According to your character’s appearance, there are different clothing items that can be equipped with accessories.
      Character’s gender:
      This feature allows you to select whether the character is male or female.
      You can also select your character’s hair style and skin color.
      Available body types:
      Depending on your gender, there are different body types that you can equip to create your own fantasy.
      Character’s appearance and hair style:
      In the equipment menu, you can increase your character’s Strength and Magic.
      You can also increase your character’s voice.
      Your character’s appearance and skin color:
      You can select an appearance and skin color that fit your character’s personality and gender.
      Your character’s combat ability:
      Your character’s combat ability can be improved by increasing your character’s Strength or Magic.
      Equipment and weapons:
      Equip armor and weapons to increase your character’s combat ability.
      Equip weapons that can increase your character’s Strength.
      Equip armor and weapons in sets.

      Epic Boss Battles:

      3D graphics with smooth animations that add a touch of drama.
      Mega-sized boss battles that take place in three-dimensional environments.
      Completely new boss battles that you will be excited to challenge at every turn.

      Visual Design:

      A vast world with gorgeous 3D graphics.
      Numerous attractive locations with an outstanding design.
      A unique story that features a multilayered narrative that you will find enthralling.
      Amazing sound effects that add charm to the story.

      Character design:

      Imaginative and attractive character designs that express the strength of the fantasy environment.
      Character designs that are more readily identifiable as belonging to the fantasy world.
      Cosmetic parts that change to reflect the expression of each character’s personality.
      A wide range of characters that can be freely created.


      Difficulty settings that allow you to customize your gaming experience.
      Battle scenes with lots of action.
      Your battle will take place against powerful enemies.
      Training where you can develop your character’s Strength and Magic.
      Interactive visual displays that keep you engaged in the game.
      Objective maps that enhance the overall environment.

      Battle System

      A 3D battle environment:


      What’s new:

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    • Where Can I Download & Install?
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    Guide & Tutorial:

    Installation Procedure:

    Download Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 10 from their official website.

    After downloading, install it on your PC and start the installation

    When installation is complete, Go to the installation folder where you have downloaded your game and double click on Eidren Ring.

    After clicking you can find an icon on your desktop

    Double click on the game icon. To begin the loading process, the game will appear while a warning message may pop up with the following message:

    “The game is not designed for your operating system. Please use a game distribution program such as Steam. Contact the publisher if you cannot open the file.”

    Press Yes (“Yes, I wish to proceed”) to continue the process.

    Once the file has been loaded, you’ll have the ability to move around by moving left and right using the directional keys on your keyboard or by moving your mouse around.

    Start the game. Once the loading process



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    OS Requirements:
    -Requires a 64-bit processor
    -Program must have a 64-bit version available to run
    -Program must have sufficient memory to support the increased memory requirements of the additional content
    -Must be running on a system that can use DirectX 11
    -Must have a graphics card that supports Shader Model 5.0 (requires Intel® HD Graphics or AMD’s CrossFireX Technology)
    -Must have at least 2 GB of RAM for DX11 video playback