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For Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4 and Xbox One users: We are still trying to implement online features to the Steam version. Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have not yet installed the game on Steam and would like to install the game from Steam, please read the Steam Uninstall section at the bottom of this page.

Game Launcher is required to play the game. Please install Game Launcher on your system before installing the game.

Upon launch of the game, you will be given the option to select the game location.

If the game is installed in the default location on the system, please install the game in a different folder (in case the folder is not accessible).

Windows PC

1. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

2. Windows Vista

3. Windows XP

4. Windows 2000, Windows Me


1. OS X 10.9 or later

2. OS X 10.8 or later

3. OS X 10.7 or later

4. OS X 10.6 or later


1. Ubuntu 13.04 or later

2. Ubuntu 12.04 or later

3. Ubuntu 11.10 or later

4. Ubuntu 10.04 or later

5. Debian 7 or later

6. Debian 6 or later

7. Debian 5 or later

8. Debian 4 or later

9. Debian 3 or later

Linux for Steam: Ubuntu 13.04 or later

OS X 10.9 or later

Linux Steam Play only supported on Steam OS running Linux

● Genesis

Please install and play the game using Game Launcher.

● 配信先牌



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Objective/Storyline Based Action RPG
  • Simple, but Evocative Online Play
  • Features

    • Neverending Adventure
    • Unique Customization
    • Realistic Combat
    • Change of Appearance
    • Sustainable RPG Environment

    System Requirements

    • DISCUS®
    • DirectX 11 or higher version
    • operating system: Windows 8.1

    Install/play the demo version

    • Demo version can be played on all DISCUS store locations.
      When you purchase the full version, you will be asked to install the key, play the demo, and then enter your key.

    Further Details

    • With the full release, the game will not be available until you have completed the demo version. The meta code (‘an eidka aivos’) will be active in the fields, dungeons, and towns of the Lands Between. Aside from equipment, items will be embedded in quest records so that players can purchase these items immediately.
    • In the demo, full versions of the items you have purchased will be available. Items that you will purchase with a key can be purchased directly after entering your key.
    • See details on this page for more information about the game.

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    Risen – Review

    Elden Ring – Review

    The Elder Scrolls Online – Review

    The Elder Scrolls Online – Gameplay – Part 12

    “ [T]he number of free-roam dungeons is unusually high, and none are boring or overly complex.” ― Game Informer

    The Elder Scrolls Online has been out for some time now, but it still feels like it isn’t very deep. There’s all the usual Skyrim content in here, like lots of dungeons to go through, great loot, and lots of dragons to slay, but those are really just the bait. You could spend several weeks just wandering around killing everything, but there’s not much to it. It’s a beautiful game, but it’s still only an MMO. If it was as good as any single-player game, then it wouldn’t need to be in an MMO, because the single-player version would probably be better. But as it stands, the dungeons are too empty and the loot is too easy to obtain, so you don’t get the satisfaction of actually accomplishing anything. For a game that wants to be the next Elder Scrolls, that feels like a real missed opportunity.

    TESO does a good job of making it feel like a real Elder Scrolls game, with a proper questing interface that lets you move from quest to quest and just look at the game while you play. But for an Elder Scrolls game, it is underwhelming. I’ve spent dozens of hours in Skyrim, Avernum, Morrowind, and Oblivion killing everything that moves and looting every treasure chest. I’ve killed every dragon in the game. After the real “fun” part of the game is over, I get bored of it, and I start to look around, find a new quest, and start killing everything again. The real fun comes from just killing stuff, and that’s what TESO doesn’t really offer.

    The best dungeons are a very small part of the game. They mostly just let you clear some space and reach some important parts of the castle. To get to these dungeons


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    1. The first step to reach our goal


    The location of the Alliance Headquarters.



    Gaius, Lord of the Alliance



    A talented and handsome representative of his species, he is a warm and noble knight of the Alliance who is brave and loyal. He is aware of his crimes and accepts responsibility for them.











    Convenient Interaction

    “Remember, I didn’t have to suffer for this.

    You, of all people, should know the value of a life.

    I ask for a simple favor…

    Bring me back to life…

    I owe it to myself.”



    A knight of the Alliance who is loyal and brave, with a stubborn and sincere attitude. He has a strong sense of justice and is a staunch supporter of Gaius.













    A beautiful and mysterious fairy that personifies the glory and passion of the Elden. She is a valuable companion in battle, having an outstanding sense of battle strategy.



    What’s new:

    Type “esrb” in Playstation Store to see their rating information (ex. US: M – Mature, EU: 2+ – Everyone), and if you have trouble, you can have vgchuniverse.com check it out for you.

    The Lock-In Effect
    For those who have experienced the Dragon Quest series, DQX I, II, and III are included as they are standalone stories. Items that can be used in the adventure will carry over. The online system is connected to the final game.

    ESRB Rating Information
    ESRB rating information is for those audiences who wish to better understand the content of video games and should not be assumed to be indicative of the content in the video games.ESRB Parental CodeM – Mature

    Join the Beasts Menagerie



    Battlefield can teach a lot of lessons to RPGs, though not all of them are apparent unless you seek them out.

    If you are a team-based FPS game like Battlefield where everyone is out to kill each other all the time, you are generally more interested in simply executing the objective efficiently and not having huge fights with friends outside of friendly fire unless it’s inside of a bomb site or at close ranges. A more cooperative FPS like DmC looks kind of weird to get into a sword fight over and over, but in the event we team up maybe we can take a random enemy down with a lucky shot and be done with it?

    But ultimately what it’s teaching is that a game that doesn’t require players to look after themselves or an AI to be useful like Battlefield is really just better suited to a different kind of experience.

    The way DmC deals with combat works really well in a sniping game, as long as you stop looking at a particular enemy and focus on your musette, and most importantly, move around to avoid getting detected. Soloing in DmC is completely stupid because if you keep shooting your own guys you will drop your rank, and if you look at enemies that are attacking you, you will get stabbed in the back.

    This is one of the many problems the PS3-only Dragon Quest X had in its 3+ hours of gameplay, which shows that the fundamental premise of Dragon Quest is very simple compared to that of other RPG games. There’s rarely any extreme frenetic combat that a game like Battlefield would excel in. You


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    Official Page:



    Published on:
    March 1, 2013

    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10(32bit)
    • 1.6 GHz Processor
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 1366×768 Resolution
    • Sound Card with a minimum of 2 Channels (16bit)


    <img src="



    System Requirements:

    Windows XP/Vista (32-bit only), or Windows 7/8 (32-bit only)
    64-bit OS
    OpenGL 2.0 (DirectX 9.0c compatible)
    DirectX 11 (OpenGL 3.3 compatible)
    Optical/Bluetooth Mouse


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