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Additional Information

NameElden Ring
Rating4.71 / 5 ( 150 votes )
Update(15 days ago)




The Elden Ring Game is a fantasy action RPG game made by Moon Studios. Before now, the game has been announced as an “action RPG” with a “fantasy” aesthetic, a “free-moving game with over-the-shoulder camera and arcade-style controls,” and “GTA V-style action.” But “free-moving” is actually the most common descriptor for the game. The official website states that the player will be able to “ride along with the action” at all times, and will move through the world using a third-person camera.
The Elden Ring Game is a free-to-play game that belongs to the category of “Action RPG”.
The game’s main protagonist is a young man who was born at the surface of the Elden Ocean, and once washed ashore on the Malachor continent. He then founded the city of Tarnished, and assumed the title of Elden Lord.

Moreover, the game’s events are set in the Land Between, and most of them are set in the “between times.”
The game will be launching in two versions, with the first launched on January 7, 2019. In addition to the base version, a variety of characters will also be added, such as male characters, and characters who are equipped with a helmet.
-The Storyline of The Elden Ring Game
The story begins in the Land Between, a world in which the Land of Snow and the Land of Glass intersect.
A young man washes ashore on the Malachor continent, and rises to become the Elden Lord of Tarnished.
The game begins in the city of Tarnished, and characters will proceed through various areas. But what awaits the player at the end is that the game’s world is vast, and the most important part of the story is not the main story, but the events between times.
There is the Lands Between, where monsters will often appear.
When you’re in the Lands Between, monsters will often show up.
There’s also the Lensing Effect, which is a time when there is a distortion in the space between worlds, and monsters and objects appear to be moving fast.
When you face monsters in the Lands Between, the game will randomly switch


Additional Information

NameElden Ring
Rating4.71 / 5 ( 150 votes )
Update(15 days ago)


Features Key:

  • fantasy setting: high fantasy game with a sleek, powerful aesthetic.
  • skill development: raise the character class to max and advance skills to the next tier, thus steadily making use of your abilities. All of your skills will level up with your character level.
  • play style: hybrid of RPG and action game which lets you play the game according to your play style, to enjoy both the high action of the game and the story. Also, you can freely combine the weapons, armor and magic that you equip.
  • user generated content: it is up to you to develop the world. New fields and dungeons, new dungeons and monsters are made by the players every day.
  • Game features (Advanced):

    • Scene View: use the Scene View to teleport the camera to a location and track your character’s movement, and use the rotating camera to find new places.
    • Full motion camera: freely move the camera to take multiple perspectives of a single location.
    • Boundless role-playing (BPM) system: Take advantage of the game’s BPM system. Freely change your character class and skills, and reach the next level effortlessly.
    • Attributes: maintain and master your attributes to enhance your character, such as defense, health, stamina, balance, and agility.
    • Effect: Link up and customize different hero effects to create your character’s ultimate weapon. The heroes and monsters of the game all have personalized unique effects which determine the direction and range of your attack.
    • Skill abilities: learn to control difficult skills including magic and “illegal” skills, such as effects not authorized by the BPM, in order to enhance your character’s overall abilities. You can also carve additional skills and equip weapons, armor and accessories to increase your ability to attack.
    • Auto target: When a threat is targeted, the game will automatically follow the lead of its target and track its position, thus enabling you to perform high speed attacks efficiently. Auto Target can be cancelled at any time.
    • New quest system: make use of special quests and advance the story of the game by playing the quests in the order prescribed. This maintains a fast-paced game play flow while enhancing the feeling of narration


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      “I was a little skeptical about the fantasy RPG genre at first, but I gradually immersed myself in the Lands Between story that I could not see until then and was very moved.
      Many scenes where the protagonists are blocked by something or other while riding a horse are very heart-wrenching.
      At times, tears almost well up in my eyes as I watched the protagonist try to overcome the challenges set before him.
      I want to play a story that I can connect with other people too.
      I feel that there is an undiscovered place where we can be partners and share this beauty with each other.
      The design of Elden Ring is truly superb, and it is simply such a fun game that I want to share it with as many people as possible.”

      “This game is a work of art.
      Elden Ring features such beautiful gameplay that it seems like a futuristic RPG, but it is deeply rooted in the Elden era.
      The story is superb and the maps are full of variety.
      Your imagination and creativity unfold as you play.
      I would like to play more than one times in the game.
      I wish you the best of luck in developing the game further.”

      “When I first received the game, I thought it was something amazing.
      It was an unexpected and inspiring adventure that I could not forget.
      Elden Ring is a work that was developed with the utmost care.
      I cannot wait to see the next chapter in this story.
      Thank you for everything!”

      WHAT’S NEXT?

      – It is the next step in the epic journey you undertook, so please think about what you hope to achieve with Elden Ring.


      Elden Ring Free


      A new generation of Tarnished Knights will unfold.

      As the Tarnished Knight, Tarnished knights with different personalities and the same traits of each other gather in the Graybeast-infested village. Through the alignment of these Tarnished Knights, your adventure begins.

      The story of Rise unfolds in three chapters.

      Chapter 1: Endings

      Chapter 2: The Rise of a New generation of Tarnished Knights

      Chapter 3: The War against Shadows

      Chapter 1: Ending
      The Traveler’s Eye

      “Have you heard about this mysterious eye? It fell from the sky, causing a bloody war in the neighboring villages.”
      “The war of the eye? Did something amazing happen during that war?”
      “The eye just popped out of nowhere and fell, and so did its huge power. It split into two parts, and then the beam of light that it directed landed on the grounds of a wealthy village. No one in their right mind should have been able to make this eye.”
      “It’s supposed to have been crafted by the Lord of the Elden Ring.”
      “A new era of the land is about to begin. All of the people in the neighboring village have ended up in an uproar, and they want to cooperate and to fight against the beautiful darkness.”
      “They say that there are very few people who can gather the light.”
      “Maybe the beautiful darkness will become beautiful again. Maybe your Tarnished Knight has something special to do?”
      Tarnished Knight

      Tarnished Knights who have gathered in a town that’s not far from your hometown are what people know you as. Their easygoing and wonderful smiles seem honest, however they are all scheming and have a dark past. You know the Tarnished Knights as people who help you with the things they should be helping you with.

      During the event with these Tarnished Knights, you will be called to decide your fate.

      Tarnished Knight – Alkion

      Tarnished Knight – Roland

      Tarnished Knight – Adriene

      Tarnished Knight – Albria

      Tarnished Knight – Elyssa

      Chapter 2: Rise of a New generation of Tarnished Knights

      In the war that has begun, a new Tarnished Knight rises


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