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Download ===== DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ===== DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



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The system requirements for Phoenix Point require:
PC Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.13GHz
Memory: 6.0 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 4870
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 15 GB of free space available
Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5, AMD Phenom
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, ATI Radeon R9 290
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 15 GB of free space available
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
NETWORK: Broadband Internet connection
CAMERA: Windows compatible camera
Additional Notes: The game can be played in a resizable window on any size monitor and can be fullscreened on any resolution (although the save game progress will be lost if you exit fullscreen)
Recommend System Specifications
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3.70GHz
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 2GB, AMD RX Vega 64 8GB
DirectX: Version 12
Hard Drive: 15 GB of free space available
Please note that not every GPU or graphic card can run the game. There is NO demo available for Phoenix Point – Legacy of the Ancients DLC.


Dead State has a really good writing on the topic.

You should read the whole thing, but the short of it is: no fun, single player or multi, no skill required, no learning curve, lots of tedium. I was so bored and frustrated that I eventually just quit.

[Multifocal submacular chor


Features Key:

  • Unique monetization mechanic: players will be able to fly around the world and sell products anytime, anywhere.
  • State of the art multiplayer experience: players can invite their friends and interact with other players online.
  • Leading game development studio including artists and architects: our game is currently being developed by a team of 6 players and we plan to expand this number to 30
  • Performance-oriented monetization system, where the vast majority of game revenue will come from in-app purchases: players will be able to fly around the world and sell products anytime, anywhere.
  • Experiencing the universe and the planet on Steam: Steam is a great distribution platform and we plan to distribute our game through it.


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With more than 40 years of service behind it the first 4BIG services were introduced on the Brighton route in the mid sixties and were part of the South Coast EMU fleet until the late 1970s.
The Class 422 unit which made the class name famous was the one and only model 4BIG, with three other prototypes following in 1967. The Class 422 ‘4BIG’ is ready to be driven on any Quick Drive enabled route in Train Simulator!
Built to a modular design, with the driving and non-driving trailers coupled to each other, the Class 442 was intended to fill a gap between the smaller 2DIG and the larger British Rail Class 442 EMU. It was the most powerful intermediate EMU in Britain and formed the backbone of the newly opened Brighton line.
The Class 422 ‘4BIG’, with its full-length buffet and the newly introduced ‘buzzer’ signaller located between the drivers cabs, would prove to be a popular favourite for many years, and was kept running long after the rest of the South Coast EMU fleet became redundant.
The Class 442 was the design of the British engineer and producer R. K. Buly who worked in the Railway Technical Centre at York (York Works) from 1956 until his retirement in 1984. The Class 422 ‘4BIG’ is one of the best preserved units of this model and as such it has become a highly collectible locomotive with a lot of information and history behind it.
For the first time in Train Simulator, the Class 422 ‘4BIG’ is available in a new full BR livery and comes in a Quick Drive compatible version.
Download size: 91mb


Product Description

Why not upgrade your existing in-game Train Simulator licence with the new ‘4BIG’ 442 Class 442-423. For Train Simulator 2018, the first 3-series electric multiple unit, the 4BIG is the new addition to the fleet of British Railways 442 Class EMU.

The 4BIG was similar to the standard 4CIG EMU but contained a buffet car in place of an intermediate trailer, thereby consisting of two driving trailers, a non-driving motor coach and a buffet car. The first 4BIG was delivered into service in late 1965 from BR York Works, and up until 1972


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Chiptune + Canvas Music:
The pen and the blade, theyre your best friends in this game. You will travel across the cosmos and explore the world’s most dangerous city as the Gun Detective. Thwart nefarious criminals and villains, and bring the criminal world to justice before the city falls into the hands of chaos.During gameplay, youll notice that the music is accompanied by captivating chiptune as dialogue and environmental sounds are provided by steampunk-inspired symphonic rock band, Return to Artona.










Dear Reader,

This is Aiden, the Gun Detective in Genesis Noir. I would love to introduce you to my story. A story of great adventure and betrayal, justice, love, loss, destiny and life. A tale of the past, present and future, and all the things in between. I beg you to listen to my tale. I am your narrator.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Aiden Wallace

Aiden Wallace, the character you are reading this from isn’t featured
in the game’s official lore, please email us! Contact usChristina Fay was a teacher at Coastway Community College until she was fired this past fall. Fay, who is the winner of a $25,000 grant, will use the money to launch a $1 million scholarship fund for science students at Coastway in 2015. Fay said it will be a first in the history of the private school.

“It’s definitely a huge honor,” Fay said.

The St. Thomas More High School graduating class of 2015 will be formally recognized at a reception on Thursday. At that ceremony, the school plans to recognize its top 10 students in the student council, The Times reports.Pulmonary response to ozone in newborn pigs.
The functional pulmonary response to ozone was assessed in newborn pigs (age 1, 2, and 4 days) breathing 0.2, 0.5, or 1.0 ppm ozone for 60 min. Ozone caused a dose-dependent decrease in ventilation


What’s new:

/ Void Cleric / Void Rogue

The Void Cleric is another one of those mystic who can pursue the Divine as their true calling. Focusing on the force, never on their souls, many of them find their calling to pursue the Void. To work toward them inner fulfillment they must leave the human plane to delve into the great nothing as they spread the life of the Cosmos with them. In that journey they are born…Void Sentinels. For many that is just an extra reason to nuke it out with demons and other such abominations. For those Void Clerics who choose to see their allegience/ call as true, it is an honor they can feel.

One of the problems that these folks have is that many of them are retired from their traditional lives. They have been thrown into a crisis and must work to make sense of it. They may not have a place to live, much less a job. As veterans of the Void this can be very troubling, but as things progress with the greater cosmos it doesn’t need to be a hindrance, in fact it is an asset. Void Clerics who have been forced into their position never truly understood the cosmos in its entirety and neither do they ever claim to have it figured out, but they are well on their way to doing their best to make sense of it. What they do know is they must find a place that they can call home and they are willing to do anything to do that. They tend to gravitate towards any and all cults who may help in this regard, as in the event that they are not bettered by the Void, they will be further degraded by them. Though being compassionate is important.


Due to their unusual background they can use casters as well as fighters; therefore they are proficient in them all and draw upon their “caster” proficiency (which they have in addition to the fighter proficiency given in their “basics”) to put them at no disadvantage in any class.

At 4th level the Void Cleric gains the holy light cantrip. At 5th level, they learn divine grace. At 6th level, they can use meditate as a 1st level spell. At 11th level, they can use magic jar as a 1st level spell. At 17th level, they can use resilient soul as a 2nd level spell. At 18th level, they can use banishment as a 1st level spell.


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Two or more players can battle it out in multiple game modes. With lush environments, innovative controls and playable characters this beat em up is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.
Key Features:
– 6 Different Characters:
Complete freedom to fully customize and customize each character’s moveset. Each character has their own unique attributes and abilities, including all that’s required to play a fun game.
– Multiple Game Modes:
Choose from six different game modes, including the classic two versus two, or four versus four player modes and multi-player 1vs1 matches.
– Challenging Levels:
Innovative new level layout for a truly fluid experience. New interesting features include placement of wall obstacles and traps, that will definitely keep the game fresh and interesting to the players.
– Physics based Controls:
Completely new gameplay elements including enviromental and physics-based, destructible objects. Players can now play with their environment in fun new ways!
– Personalization:
As players progress, they will unlock new outfits, accessories and other extras, and can fully customize the look and playstyle of their characters.Q:

Get the selected object of a JComboBox from a button

I want to implement a JButton that must do the same thing of this JComboBox:

It must be a JButton because it is possible to have a normal JComboBox and a JButton in the same form.
I can get the selected object by using

But how can I do this in a JButton?


What you need is an ActionListener for the button. In this listener, you get a reference to the JComboBox that is selected in.
This is an example of how it might be done:
private class MyActionListener implements ActionListener {

private JComboBox comboBox;

public MyActionListener(JComboBox comboBox) {
this.comboBox = comboBox;

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
Object selectedItem = comboBox.get


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