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The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day Soundtrack has been composed by the soundtrack composer for The Uncertain, Alexandre Bruno, with the assistance of Franz Vincko.
The entire soundtrack has been remastered to offer you a richer immersion experience and also to provide you with a level of clarity that will allow you to better appreciate the style of some of the more refined tracks. It is a treasure trove of great scores for you to enjoy.
The game’s artbook:
The artwork of The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day has also been improved to provide you with a more accurate presentation of the game’s universe and the characters present in it.

The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day Soundtrack and Artbook:

The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day Soundtrack and Artbook are both available only for premium members. They are therefore scheduled for release on May 1st, 2016.

Key Features

About 20 minutes of music.

1 Digital copy of the game

1 Digital soundtrack of the music from the game.

1 Digital artbook of the characters and environments.

1 Digital package explaining the creation and development of the game.

About The Game The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day

The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day is a point and click adventure where you control Emma with the mouse, inspired by the famous point and click adventure of the 80s: Gabriel Knight.

You are Emma, a woman going on a blind date. Someone sends you a man named Steven who asks if he can come over and meet you. This invitation seems strange to you. You cannot help it, you decide to go with the hope of meeting a man a little different than the ones you’re used to.

Steven will come over to your place. He tells you that he is going to help you find the key to your heart. But this game will give you more than what you were expecting!

You will meet new characters, solve puzzles and even go through some hard moments. This game will be a non-linear adventure but every choice you make will be decisive in the end.

The game has a complete story with a fixed path, a total of 14 puzzles to solve and a complex and original story-telling technique that will take you by surprise at every stage of the game.

Featuring a great story, an original set of characters, complex and ingenious


HITMAN 3 Features Key:

  • Brand new metropolitan city environment!
  • New map with new graphics, new mission
  • Brand new skin for armored vehicle


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Momoiro Closet is a puzzle game I’ve been making for the past four years. The story is that this kid suddenly appears in a village he doesn’t remember. People who knew him can’t recall his face and name, and he turns out to be a very normal person. What kind of puzzle will he create?
-Gorgeous cinematic style
-Various difficulty levels
-Single player mode, and support for local co-op
-Two kinds of game mode
-Non-mechanical soundtrack featuring BGM by the Momoiro Closet
-Support for the iPhone and iPad
-All-new 4th generation engine
-Gamepad support!
-Support for both English and Japanese voiceovers!
-Various support features will be added in the future
-The story isn’t over yet -you can still play more games from the Momoiro Closet!The Danish Space Research Institute (DSRI) sent an unmanned drone into space over the weekend.

It’s a cute little two-seater with cute little propellers that you can watch a video of in action after the break.

So here’s the video (thanks to DianaCrotty on YouTube for the tip):

To find out more, you can also read the following article (which even has a cool infographic) and you can also read the official press release.

And here’s the official release:

The programme of the Danish Space Research Institute (DSRI) is to prepare an unmanned test flight in space by the end of this year. This is the first unmanned test flight in Denmark and it is an important step in a new development of exploration and research possibilities. The programme is to be completed by 2007. The test flight is called Space Team B and it will be launched on the second of May from Kourou in French Guiana in an automatic manner. It will have a duration of four hours and will carry an infrared camera. The Space Team B will be launched from the mobile launcher Phoenix 1. The duration of the flight will be four hours for three hours at the altitude of 80 km, after which the test object will enter the atmosphere and burn up.

Photo via Riebe on FlickrPercy Whistler-Vacher

Percy Whitener Whistler-Vacher (13 September 1881 – 4 September 1916) was a British Indian Army officer and cricketer


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(1) Start a new relationship with one of the guys.
(2) Complete a set of tasks given by the guy.
(3) Make sure to keep the secret of your relationship.
(4) When you’re near the guy, you can play around.
(5) Enjoy the app’s content!
*The character design for the app is very much similar to that of the original in certain regards.
**This app is made only for entertainment purposes, and is not made for any commercial use.
THANK YOU for playing “Dangerous Relationship”
“Dangerous Relationship” Contact:
twitter.com/dangerousrelationshipDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government are readying for a showdown with their bureaucratic enemies. Kejriwal, has directed his officers to stay away from court proceedings, where his government is accused of corruption. With the Delhi Court set to start the contempt case against him next month, AAP has suddenly shifted its stand on the issue.

Kejriwal hinted at this change in the stand with an attack on the bureaucrats earlier in the day. He was seen sitting in a small room in the Delhi Secretariat as senior bureaucrats who sat in the packed courtroom next door. The AAP government has now removed all the bureaucrats from the courtroom.

The Delhi government may now come out as an accused as it faces a similar fate in the contempt case. “The government is appealing against the order of the court and it can’t function without bureaucrats. The position is very clear now. We will have to put all our officials at the front,” the AAP government said.

Kejriwal had earlier submitted to the court that all the accused in the contempt case were bureaucrats. “There is no law on contempt of court. If bureaucrats don’t follow a court order, then that is contempt of court. Thus we have given up our claim that our orders are being ignored by the system. We want to submit our case here,” Kejriwal told the court.

AAP also termed the fight against the government an “intrigue”. “The entire case is an intrigue. It is an open secret that the AAP government is facing a crisis. The government is in a battle for survival,” AAP said.

The AAP government, which was embroiled in a bitter tussle with


What’s new in HITMAN 3:

    Animal Jam is a MMORPG, social and targeted game based on an animated cartoon-like graphics, with aspects of open world RPGs and roleplaying games. Released in May 2002, it is owned by Gamelyn Interactive of Lake Forest, California, which acquired rights to distribute the game. The game was initially published by Sony Online Entertainment’s subsidiary, Digital Illusions CE, which worked with Digital Illusions, Mariposas Studios and developmental studio Nightrage. It was shuttered in 2007, and taken offline July 26, 2008 and archived and decommissioned August 31, 2018.

    Game play

    Animal Jam is a roleplaying game, where the player determines the actions of one or several members of a family or group of animals, breeding them, training them, giving them tasks, identifying and solving problems, managing crops and providing secure a comfortable home. Each animal has a series of actions that cause marked changes in their attributes, although the game places the emphasis on social interaction.

    One of the family’s goals is to earn respect from other families within the game. Since it is a commercial product, the game developers added rewards that are financially motivated. Other goals are to continue the family traditions, house pets or farm them, hunt, fight human-drawn animals with a weapon, draw attention or be un-noticed.

    The animals live on 40×40 square area in one of the open world, a condition from which it can be entered only from a zone into which it is spawned, also it can be moved to other towns.

    Animal Jam features characters and possible outcomes (pass-fail, win-loose, lose-win) that are what in roleplaying games are called levels or experience points (XP). In Animal Jam, multiple characters are grouped in a family or group and they get XP rewards every time they perform specific actions that give them skills or are confrontations with animals from different villages. Every new family is represented by a certain color of the square icons on the map, farmers can see the accumulation of combat levels and green icons are used to the levels of trained animals.

    When an animal wears clothes and accessories, it becomes visible to other families or even non-family (subordinate animals) and reported by emails with colored ‘hunks’ (penis in Animal Jam). About 1.3 million animals are currently active in the game. While the game is too young and still growing, some 30,000 animals leave or die every week.


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    Whimsical Tales combines an old school point & click adventure with a new game system that is easier and faster to play! It only takes one minute to start playing. This game is designed to get you hooked in the first 30 seconds so you can enjoy the best sidescrolling old school point & click adventure gaming experience available today.

    This is a turn-based RPG with a fully integrated character development system that allows you to transform your characters as you see fit. Choose from over a hundred different faces, bodies, and costumes to customize your characters.

    RPGs on mobile have become a popular niche market in recent years. While they have been extremely successful in many categories, they have also been subject to stiff competition from other genres such as visual novels, simulators, and some even prefer to stick with traditional RPG games.

    Wake Your Imagination is an old school-style adventure RPG with fully customizable protagonists that you can level up and add skills to. It’s time to enter the kingdom of Acacia and bring back the princess!

    Key features:

    1. Turn-Based Combat

    Fight with four unique class skills by each choosing from Offensive, Defensive, Support and Mixed. Each skill has different effects on the enemies based on the attack stat. With hundreds of different weapon types, there is a weapon to suit any style of gameplay.

    2. Character Customization

    Have fun choosing your unique characters with 100+ different costumes, hairstyles, and body types to choose from. With more than 10 different faces, the possibilities of who you can become are endless!

    3. Befriend the Entire World

    Don’t just take a straight path to the end of the game like most other games. Experience the world through 8 unique stories each with their own story, twists and turns, and secrets to discover.

    4. Dynamic Nonlinear System

    Break your game into 50+ different quests and subquests with different types and difficulty levels. Make the choices you want to make and watch the story unfold to its climax.

    6. Moveable Camera

    Enjoy a more immersive and immersive gameplay experience from any angle. The camera can be moved in four directions, making the game more forgiving and enjoyable.

    7. Character Development

    Encounter many unique and diverse encounters while interacting with an interconnected cast of characters. Along the way, you will earn experience points to level up your heroes, get higher tier items, and even get to spend


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System Requirements:

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible card
Hard Drive: 10 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Other: Antivirus software and other third-party