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by maksha
Published: July 19, 2022 (3 weeks ago)


Asher is a very emotional person, even with his pet you have to watch out for his extreme emotions. With Paunch, you’ll be able to influence those emotions and get Asher to do whatever you want. Even if he is in extreme or hot emotions, he will obey you. Paunch’s AI is fully adjustable so you can make him do the best of both worlds, follow orders without emotions, and not react to things.Paunch also comes with very flexible buttons that control his emotions. What you have to do is trigger Paunch’s buttons in order to make him do specific commands.
We have compiled a list of the best characters we have ever created and added a new mode to the game to improve the gameplay!
– Pouch mode now available.
– The intro sequence has been updated.
If you enjoyed the gameplay or feel it would be a good fit for your game, why don’t you support this DLC? It would help us a lot to support this project!
Thank you so much for your support!
and have fun!

Greetings from the Soul Reaver and Fata Morgana team!

This is GeeKaR a not so small contribution made by myself and some other people from Soul Reaver Clan. We have enjoyed a lot the adventures that both games hold. We are now working on another exciting project. Something that will surprise you guys even more than the Fata Morgana and Soul Reaver games!

Recently we have been integrating a lot in the system of Fata Morgana 2. We already have a more robust combat system than the original and have been experimenting with a new mechanics to make the action more lively. That’s why today we would like to present you the first in a series of blogs about this new project that we are working on. It’s called FataMorgana 2: The Pouch Expansion.

The Pouch Expansion is designed by Antony Kuper and is a campaign expansion for Fata Morgana. It is more than just an expansion and is a whole new game in itself. The idea of Fata Morgana 2: The Pouch is to see how the both sides of Morgana and Asher will fit in the same universe together. Let’s see what happens when Morgana offers a cute animal to Asher. Will he actually take him? We


Features Key:

  • Tested on humans to break them into groups.
  • Each word contains 5 different elements corresponding to each cell of a kitchen timer
  • Scoring varies depending on how successful a group is at getting out and what elements they get
    • Points: 10 for an animal
    • Roulette: 5 for a word
    • If you miss a group, it becomes a letter to help track down.
      • Average time to solve escape rooms: 3 hours
      • Note: This is a brief soundtrack sample from Escape room soundtrack.
      • If you want to enjoy the full glory of Escape Room Soundtrack, check out our Escape Room music Playlist :
        • Watch our YouTube video for Escape Room Soundtrack here:

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