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Download Now »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The Elden Ring Game is a free-to-play, fantasy-themed action RPG game. The classic MMORPG elements of the Lands Between have been reborn and modernized.

– The Lands Between (Server 1)

The central area of the Lands Between is a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

In the east of the central area are huge, three-dimensional dungeons that are full of expansive, three-dimensional stages.

In the west is a vast open field that includes a variety of open fields, towns, villages, and cliffs.

– The Lands Between (Server 2)

The west of the Lands Between is a massive, multi-scale world full of bustling towns and villages. The town is a bustling place where you can work, sell, buy, and join quests.

– The Action RPG Experience

You can customize your character’s appearance with a variety of weapons and armor.

You can freely combine weapons and armor, and you can also develop your characters according to your play style. You can strengthen your characters as you increase their muscle strength. You can exploit the rage of your enemies to improve your skills. You can augment your battle skills and use a variety of magic to ensure victory in the battle.

You will advance through hundreds of hours of content in this epic story and epic battles.

– Character Creation

1) Your Appearance

2) Your Skills

3) Your Magic

4) Your Battle Styles

5) Changes to your Appearance

6) Changes to your Skills

7) Changes to your Magic

8) Changes to your Battle Styles

– The Battle System

Using a variety of skills and Magic you will be able to strengthen your characters and engage in multi-step battles.

– Skill System

To have fun and develop your character, you must learn a variety of skills as your character develops.

– Magic System

Using a variety of magic you will be able to augment your character and fight your enemies.Nvidia GeForce 9400 GS

The NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GS is a video card manufactured by Nvidia, based on the NV35 GPU architecture (Kepler). It is a low power mobile graphics accelerator and is a replacement for the NV28 mobile GPU. It is powered by a single clock, 1465MHz, core with 192


Features Key:

  • A fantasy world with a vast open world design.
  • A diverse balance of battle, raids, and strategies.
  • Not an endless series, but a persistent one story with true battles.
  • Four characteristics (strength, dexterity, intelligence, and magic) to customize your avatar and character type.
  • Elden item progression that allows you to earn items with experience rewards for your character.
  • Mix of locally based games and console-style persistent games, with the cooperative elements of Co-op Bash, where players can form stronger parties.
  • Combat items, protective gear, items, and accessories.
  • Further details of the game’s features can be seen on the official homepage.

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    Features, Picture, Screenshots

    A unique action RPG born in Zenonia, where physical action and the enchantment of the story come together.

    A fascinating action RPG where you wield the power of the Elden Ring as an Elden Lord.

    Character Customization

    Carry the custom-made weapons that were created with the goal of not only making them superior in strength, but also stylish.

    A vast world with a variety of environments are connected seamlessly.

    High scores with unique achievements and a place to record them in the world.

    A special online element in addition to the multiplayer mode where you can stay connected with your friends with a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    The colors of the world are not monotonous, and a variety of beautiful sprites and various effects are used.

    The breath of the fantasy genre, with a combination of medieval weapons, and fantasy elements, and a unique battle system.


    A blue sky above you

    In a world secluded from the world, as a young woman named Eurydice, you step out of the inn and into a completely new world.
    The holy land has been shrouded in silence for ages, and a magical barrier prevents everyone from stepping into that land. As a young woman, Eurydice was born in this land and grew up being the subject of legends, but she was also shielded from experiencing the vastness of the world. She said, “I’m a girl born in this world, where I’m destined to die”
    One day, Eurydice passed by the Inn of the Flower, a gateway to that land. The Innkeeper welcomed Eurydice, but the Innkeeper did not stop there. Eurydice encountered unknown dangers, and was led to an unknown land. Eurydice finally returned to the magical barrier as a young woman.
    Even so, Eurydice discovered the vastness of the world, and she decided to move to the world of the Elden Ring.
    The name of that world is Zenonia.

    Act of bravery in the devil’s name

    Seven years have passed since Eurydice returned to the Elden Ring. Eurydice is now an Elden Lord, and she has been living as a Tarnished Individual in order to save the world.
    Three days ago, one


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    I don’t see much work to be done. So, I would recommend submitting a special, dev-related token to show off our leading creative studio. As the emphasis for this round is fiction, even though the projects are cosmology and fantasy, please choose your best work amongst the projects and send it in.

    Remember to submit just one work. Make sure that it was not previously submitted and formatted.

    Receiving a token is like getting some of the praise we’ve been giving you. Although, the quality of the projects under consideration will vary, you will be given numerous chances to present your best work.

    Best of luck!

    “I have recently spent time working at the studio, so could you please grant me one of the designated tokens? Thank you”

    Oh, did someone already place their work? Unfortunately, our submission time period does end on Friday. The deadline for submissions is Sunday at 5:00 p.m. UTC (6:00 p.m. EST), and the prizes will be distributed next Thursday. If you would like to request a token, please find us in the Discord and request it there.

    If you do not have a ticket in the Discord, you will be asked to do so prior to the submission deadline.


    I love Anonymous/The Mask. One of my favorite stories for myself on a similar narrative to it in the spirits by steve wells. I think we can be that since we are also working in similar mythic genre. It would be great to know more about the universe that you’re creating so we can know more about the lands you’re in and different to reference as needed for future works.

    i’m sorry it took me so long to respond to this. i just wasn’t able to look closely. let’s see if we can clear this up for you. most of the websites and names are under internal testing and not intended for customer use so i can’t comment on if the projects you’re interested in are available. if you’d like to inquire about which games/novels/movies etc. are under work, i am more than happy to make inquiries on your behalf. good luck with the quillings.Q:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    What does it take to play WildStar on your PC?
    Two-CPU cores, 2.0+ GHz
    2.0+ GHz Memory (RAM)
    6 GB
    6 GB OS
    XP / Vista / 7
    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on the forums, on Twitter, or in-game using the console.
    WildStar is a massive free-to-play MMORPG that offers players unparalleled choice and control. Players can play as one of 14 different races, each with their own unique


    Download Now »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download Now »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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