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▼ Elden Ring

「The world has ended. All of its people have fallen into endless darkness. Amidst this darkness, a small band of heroes have come together to set foot on a long-lost continent in order to reclaim the old continent’s last light. 」

The character of the Lands Between are known as 「Elden Lords」, who have appeared from the land of Elden and protected their new world.


Character Name:


Sell Price:







Unique Weapons



Additional Characters

Game Mechanics:

A Monolith Summon

A Guide Suggested by a Certain Voice

A Character Customization System

Players who joined the game before October 1st, 2018 will be able to experience the game without interruption.

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Features Key:

  • Evocative Map Design
  • A Varied Combat System
  • Twin Goddesses
  • A Deployable Mobile Fortress "Airship"
  • Shimmering Magic
  • A New Visual Design
  • Comments on Character Creation

    When you are at Level 1, your character is the typical party member. This is a completely new and modern design where you start out with things that no previous game has done.

    For example, in the previous game, you usually start out with adventurers and then the party member and occasionally have to go find some party members to go with you. You can often even have to find a village to rest and freshen up. With Tarnished, your initial character is there from the start with an offensive and defensive magic and starts with a certain amount of money.

    Elden Ring will not allow you to load a character made in the previous game, so you must create a new character.

    Enhance your Ability Tree

    In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we introduced a more intuitive system to the Ability Tree. If you completed Trials of the Nine, you will have the Epee, Pike, Scythe, Shadow and Malachai abilities at your disposal. Trial of the Nine will also allow you to customize your initial equipment.

    When you enhance your equipment, you can increase several parameters to your wishes. These parameters are divided into Offense, Defence, and Speed.

    Enhance your equipment

    Your equipment will be enhanced to four types.

    Lodestone is a high-grade power source.

    Boots, Cloak, and accessories should be enhanced to be two different types. To be added is your sword, mail, shield, shield, and thrown weapon, as well as a handful of other items.

    Table of Prices of Common Items

    With Elden Ring’s equipment enhancement system, you can change your attributes to increase your speed. In addition


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    “When it comes to Ys action RPGs, there’s only one that can compare with the others and that’s Ys. The action is pure and perfectly paced, and the basic controls are very simple. So simple even a child can understand them easily, and any player who wants to get the most out of this game can, without ruining the fun in any way.”

    – 5.0/5 by the author of rpg-jp, japanese wiki

    “The battle system and story really capture the spirit and tone of the original Ys, and it’s an absolute treat to play on a completely different platform. If you love Ys, you owe it to yourself to play this game.”

    – 4.5/5 by the author of rpg-vg, good game news

    “The game features a broad range of combat activities, such as switching between sword and bow, and a system of hotkeys and options. There’s a range of different tactics available as well, and the character can be freely customized to suit your play-style.”

    – 3.7/5 by the author of rpg-us,

    “The game features a lot of new gameplay features not seen before in action RPG titles. For instance, you can freely wander around to move around any of the terrain in the game, as well as moving through dungeons and moving around town freely. It’s also possible to instantly move through outposts. In addition, you can freely perform a combo move (you only have to press both buttons at the same time), or use a special move called a Triton, which is a move that constantly generates a tornado as you run away.”

    – 3.7/5 by the author of rpg-us,

    “The game does a good job setting the record straight for Ys fans. From the lush scenery to the intriguing story, the game does a great job setting up all the themes and concerns of the original game.”

    – 4.1/5 by the author of rpg-de,

    “It’s easy to understand how the game works, and there’s a lot to do. Players who love the original game will be happy to see a lot of familiar elements appear, and fans of


    Elden Ring [March-2022]

    The game allows you to change the appearance of your character by selecting from amongst a variety of different armor and accessories, and to freely combine weapons and magic that your character has acquired during the game. Up to four players can connect their accounts and compete directly against each other, and a set of game rules have been established to ensure enjoyment for all players.
    Here you will discover more about the many stories of the Lands Between and the deep-rooted mysteries behind them.

    Do you know the secret between the various characters in the game? Can you decipher the story hidden behind the prophecies, written in a mysterious code?
    Yume Chronicles 1: Road to Rise is a fantasy adventure game set in the Lands Between.

    When playing the game, you can freely make the changes in your appearance and movements by changing the character options. From personal preferences to modified equipment, you can enjoy the game by selecting an option that suits your taste.
    Character customizer:
    Customize your character by choosing an appearance and set of equipment.
    Players can freely add new items to their characters to enhance their equipment and skills.
    As you fight, your weapon will degrade as the life of the weapon is depleted. Defeating powerful enemies will improve the attack power of your weapon.
    Magical Items:
    Magical items are items that possess a certain special power. You will use magical items to perform powerful attacks.
    You will learn new magic to level up your Magic.
    The attacks and abilities of your character improve as you increase your Magic.
    Equipment is added to the character that is equipped in the game. This is used to perform various actions.
    The size of the various items and equipment is proportionate to the character.

    In the game, there are different monsters with a variety of skills and characteristics that appear in various situations. Defeat monsters to obtain various items, and strengthen your attacks with a variety of items.
    The game is set in the Lands Between, a region surrounded by the Hammer and the Lake of Souls. A world where the balance between men and monsters has been completely broken, and all that remains is the devastation wrought by a great war.
    The game features a story in which the Dynasties from the surrounding area have appeared in the Lands Between, and made the region their domain. These Dynasties are fighting


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    The issue reported is now fixed.

    Rewriting it this way helps, though feels like a hacky and brittle workaround.
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    List of all files and folders in game (Player’s) folder.

    File Name Author Notes

    ASK.ini 8thBrakich File that will allow you to connect and play through Skyrim and Dragonborn both as a player and host.

    CG_VIPER_EXT.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER with VIPER v2 from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER.bsp with VIPER v2 from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER2.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER.bsp with VIPER v2 from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER3.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER.bsp with VIPER v2 from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER_SE.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER with VIPERSE from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER_SSE.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER with VIPERSSE from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER_FSE.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER with VIPERFS from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER_SE_SSE.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER_SE.bsp with VIPERSSE from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER_FSE_SSE.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER_FSE.bsp with VIPERFS from Oblivion

    CG_VIPER_SSE_FSE.bsp 8thBrakich Replaces CG_VIPER_SSE.bsp with VIPERSSE from Oblivion

    CUS_Def.xml 8thBrakich Cutscene save locations

    Encounter.esp 8thBrakich Records encounter dialogue and NPC_Definitions

    GUI.Bin 8thBrakich Contains GUI.esm

    UI.Bin 8thBrakich Contains UI.esm

    GUI.Bin.Bin 8thBrakich Contains UI.esp

    GUI.Bin_Aurora.Bin 8thBrakich Contains UI.


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit OS required)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6500 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 or higher
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    Storage: 10 GB available space
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    Additional Notes:
    Install/Uninstall: PC Games
    Tablet Compatible: Android 3.0 or higher
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