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• Description

A long time ago, the Elden Ring Full Crack ruled the Lands Between from our world. Now, the evil wolf Lord Eureko, who was following the example of his ancestors, rises from the dead and begins to wreak havoc on the Lands Between. The Evil Forest, Land of No Actors, and the Iron-Rye Golem, who is trying to exterminate the entire race of humans, stand in his way, and many of the other worlds have joined in his cause.

The Elden Ring Serial Key, which was the ultimate authority of the Lands Between, has not been heard from since long ago, and many players have since believed that it had been destroyed. However, the players have formed a secret society, the Alden Ring, which secretly protect the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts and their world.

Now, the Alden Ring has gathered the players of the various worlds and will fight together to bring a peaceful end to the evil wolf Lord Eureko and restore the power of the Elden Ring Crack For Windows and the Lands Between.


• Features

World Connectivity

In the Lands Between, you can explore various worlds such as Unas, a world where players exist only to work, etc. Along with these worlds, the Chaos-like world of the places where no actors exist, the Evil Forest, Land of No Actors, and the Iron-Rye Golem, which appear between the worlds, are also freely accessible. You can also freely travel between the worlds, and you can more freely move around the vast worlds.

Increased Content

Content related to the game will be expanded through a free update. In the updated version, there will be more story, new playable characters, and alliances with more other worlds.

Your Own Tarnished Hero

Customize your character in the Alden Ring and create your own, unique Tarnished Hero. Along with developing your Tarnished Hero, you can combine any weapons and armor that you have collected.

Unparalleled Combat

Fight in an arena where you can freely control your movement to attack the enemy. Equip your appropriate weapons and armor, choose your class, and battle in more various surroundings. You can freely create your own personalized tactical strategy by freely setting up your own play style.

Together with Players of All Worlds

• Create Your Own Alliance

In addition to the normal multiplayer mode, where you can directly connect with other players, you


Features Key:

  • More than 100 events every day. By collecting event keys and entering them into the game, you will be able to obtain many materials and event leaders, allowing you to further customize your character.
  • Control over multiple characters: In addition to your primary character, up to a total of three secondary characters can be created. By building up your new characters’ skills, items, and runes, you can play differently than your primary character and feel different emotions!
  • Powerful combos based on your actual strength: You will face enemies more powerful than your actual strength. By gaining special Elder experience points based on the power of your attacks, much more powerful runes and powerful skill scrolls will appear in your inventory, allowing you to use the individual strength of your characters in real battles, and finally defeat impossible opponents. 
  • Catalysts of Runes and Skill Scrolls. Via a test at the end of each time slot, use a Player Skill and an event to force the replenishment of runes and scrolls. Where normal runes/scrolls only fill up at the end of a test, you may strike a decisive blow by mastering these skills and using them during battle. This chance only comes up one time during every test session. If a player can not overcome their difficulty, it will be replaced with one that is slightly easier.
  • Elden Kingdom Features:

    • Explore a vast world full of excitement: 
    • Uncover a world with a familiar beauty and sublime landscape:
      – Adventurers quest throughout a vast world full of fields, plains and valleys!
    • An epic drama full of excitement: a multilayered tale of courage and heroism in the Lands Between…
      – A bewitching story woven from a rich tapestry of multiple themes, chronicling the conflict between Tragic and Heroic Destiny…
    • Many gameplay elements: 
    • You will be able to play the game alone or in a network with up to four other players. The same game


      Elden Ring Crack Free Download For PC

      has been updated for version 2.1.9! The update brings to you two new features that are not announced. They are the Magicite and the Magicite Recharge System.Read on if you are interested in knowing what both of them are and how they can be useful to you.The Magicite is used for the sigil system.

      Magicite + Magicite Cara System

      As the sigil requires magicite to power up, it is also used to power up the sigil. This means that the amount of magicite you have is directly proportional to the sigil power. This is useful for the sigil to be power unlocked faster so that you can make use of it.

      Your Deed Cara can be used to refill the Magicite Counter and Magicite Cara is made equal to the original cara used for leveling. It can be used with any of your sigils.

      Sigil Recharge System

      The recharge system is used to recharge activated sigil’s duration and enhance runes. Sigil recharge is used with the goal of having a certain sigil activated for longer period. There are two kinds of runes to be enhanced: ores and elixirs.

      Ancient Runes

      The ores give bonuses on the amount of magicite replenished, ore’s longevity, additional effects, and experience. Each sort has its own set of attributes.

      Essence Runes

      The elixirs give bonuses on the number of runes, enhanced effects, and experience.

      A: The Magicite Recharge System

      Q: What is the Magicite Cara System?

      A: Your Deed Cara can be used to refill the Magicite Counter. It can be used with any of your sigil.

      Q: Can the Magicite Cara be used to refill any of the activated sigils?

      A: Yes


      Elden Ring Crack + Serial Key For Windows 2022

      Go to the OPUS Consortium’s Oranim Valley.

      Brief talk with the NPC who runs the Oranim Valley.

      Talk with the NPC who runs the Oranim Valley who is about to give you an invitation to become an adventurer.

      Talk to “Datum Procer” to start your quest.

      Go to an NPC who runs an inn and invites you to meet Captain Blood.

      After creating a character, talk with the NPC who sells an item.

      Hunt monsters.

      Enter the Oranim Valley and participate in an event.

      Go to the Final Trial that lasts for 1 week.

      If you complete all the activities and clear the event, talk with Captain Blood.

      Complete the quest and the Final Trial.

      Go to the Kaleon Kingdom.

      Enter a magic school’s training hall.

      Talk to the NPC who plays a tutor role in the training hall.

      Talk to the NPC who gives a lesson.

      Talk to the NPC who gives a lesson.

      Go to the Imperial City and start quests.

      Meet with the NPC who gives a lesson.

      Enter the Imperial College.

      Talk to the NPC who gives a lesson.

      Talk to “Datum Procer” to complete the quest.

      In conclusion, the future of the Elden Ring will be decided with this quest, and you will be introduced to the world of the Elden Ring in a new way.

      ※ How to Obtain the Quest Item “Shelter”

      OptionalQuest Item Reward?

      Hunter’s Coin (Mana Reserve)

      The NPC of the quest item who sells items, and after completing the quest, you are able to participate in the event quest that lasts for 1 week.


      The Shelter is a magic item that equips an accessory that lets the player perform a random magic while equipping. You can use the Shelter by using the accessories it lets you equip.

      Once you start the quest, you can wear the Shelter to make it easier to use magic. However, because you will be using it frequently during battle, if you use it for too long, it will have a negative impact on your accuracy.

      From the 3v3 class ranked battle, you can set the value to a whole number between 0.1 and 1.


      What’s new:



      A thousand years ago, a hero awakened from a long slumber. By following another’s guidance, he moves in a new path in life. The fallen nobleman’s blade glowed with power, causing throngs of soldiers to fall. Whether in this world or the world beyond the gate, no one knows.

      In this new fantasy action RPG, rise, Tarnished, to live the story of heroism. As an agent of the Shining Guardians, Tarnished will be in the lead. Armed with her deity-enhanced sword, “White Knight,” she will fight for justice. Rates are subject to change at any time. Text price is local charges based on carrier rates and subject to change based on the carrier.

      The contents of the game will run on the following hardware. Feel free to enjoy the game to the fullest!

      OS: Windows 10 Home (32-bit) or

      SteamOS (64-bit)

      Processor: Athlon x64 or higher CPU

      Memory: 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended)

      PCMA: MMORPG: Payment Method

      Tiered Rewards

      Payment Method

      Bonus Grace




      Credit Card






      Multiple Payment Methods

      Gear purchased through these other payment methods may not be used to purchase The White Knight Legend. Of course, if an item has been purchased with the other payment method, it can also be traded to Raiden.

      With this Mystic Bloom Jewel, you get the chance to choose from a variety of super-powered artifacts. In the old days, it was said that when you wore one of these, you could change your entire body’s appearance to look more attractive.

      Raiden costs 3 AP each day,


      Free Download Elden Ring Keygen [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

      1. Download the file using the link above
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      1. Download the file using the link above
      2. Unzip the file and move the folder “ELDEN RING” to the game folder.
      3. All the files are created in the “ELDEN RING” folder.
      4. Play and enjoy

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    System Requirements:

    Before starting the installation, make sure that your BIOS is up to date.

    • RAM: 1024 MB is recommended
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    • Sound Card

    Fantasy Action RPG

    Give your character a next life as a mighty warlord, and show your fighting skills in a vast world and endless adventures for players to conquer. If you like exploring exciting dungeons and having unique online adventures, you can download Tarnished!

    Riding on the hammer of the gods, your destiny and power lie with you. Make the best use of your skills and have the faith that your prowess will ensure victory.

    Do you have the magnificence and strength to become the next God? Become the God King in the Lands Between.


    ”Tarnished”, “Elden Ring” and all their team, product and service names are product names or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    The descriptions about the product are for marketing purposes only. Actual content of Tarnished and its content may vary significantly depending on content upgrades.

    You are using the product version subject to the license terms used at installation. There can be different variations depending on what license was used at installation


    System Requirements:

    Microsoft DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.3 or higher.
    OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 290
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