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The game features character creation which allows you to freely customize your character, and full 3D environments.

A vast world is spread out with various situations and advanced dungeons.

Challenge yourself to face both fights, exploration and battles.


KUROSA is a game company who develops the game “Tarnished,” the fantasy action RPG, and was established in June, 2011.

KUROSA is currently working on a project that fulfills the expectations of the players and continues to strive for self-improvement.

For more information, please contact us at


Director: Takayuki Shinozaki

Assistant Director: Shunya Igarashi

Character Designer: Shota Kosaka

Production Manager: Yosuke Nakamura

Sound Director: Shunya Igarashi

Music: Noriyuki Matsumoto

Programmer: Masayuki Ito

Technical Director: Eijiro Yamazaki

CG Director: Haruka Kagari

FPS Mission Director: Yusuke Oshima

Sound Director: Shunya Igarashi

Sound Designer: Takayuki Shinozaki


Director: Akihiko Tanaka

Assistant Director: Yuuki Fujikami

Designer: Yusuke Oshima

Character Designer: Akihiro Inokuma

CG Director: Osamu Imamura

FPS Mission Director: Yusuke Oshima

Models: Haruki Kina, Eiji Yamashita, Nao Watanabe, and others

Textures: Masayuki Ito, Takuji Takasugi, Ryuji Kuroda, and others

Environment: Akihiro Inokuma

Technical Director: Eiji Yamazaki

Technical Producer: Yusuke Oshima

Animation Director: Hironori Gotou

Sound Director: Shunya Igarashi

Music: Ryuo Kenji





April 12, 2016


-You Become a Lord in the Lands Between

-A complex story in which you


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Creation – Choose your class, skin, race, gender, voice type and name; customize your sword and shield; and hone your skills.

  • Combat – An epic fantasy for hardcore gamers. A masterpiece on the genre of turn-based, action RPG.

  • Asynchronous Turn-Based Online Multiplayer – Develop your character with your friends, train together, and think, act and fight as a team.

  • Character Breeding – Breed mythical creatures to expand your character’s lineup and add a new dimension to the world of Elden Ring

  • DLC – Gems, Blood Pieces, and other items are being prepared, but there have been problems with deliveries.

    Thanks for checking out our Press Release!

    Do you feel like you want to work at a game company that can produce a complete game? Do you want to be a Game Studio Manager?

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    『ELDEN RING』をお楽しみください。

    最近追いかけてきたほんとうのテンペイRPG『ELDEN RING』の続編のゲームプレイ動画を書いています。

    最近追いかけてきたほんとうのテンペイRPG『ELDEN RING』の続編のゲームプレイ動画を書いています。

    ELDEN RING game Review- The New Fantasy Action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    ELDEN RING(エレドン)



    最近やってきたほんとうのテンペイRPG『ELDEN RING』の続編のゲームプレイ動画を貼っております。

    最近やってきたほんとうのテンペイRPG『ELDEN RING』の続編のゲームプレイ動画を貼っております。

    “ELDEN RING”「覚醒!テンペイRPG、今夜登場!!」第 2 回 ビデオ【ELDEN RING】 続編をご覧ください。

    ELDEN RING (Elden Ring)




    Elden Ring Crack Download For Windows

    GRAPHICS BATTLE PARTY PARAGRAPH – The new graphics packages offer improved graphics and new features, allowing players to enjoy the game even further.




    System TETHER FORCE including Multiplayer for WINDOWS

    Find out more about the contents of the game below!

    New Fantasy Action RPG TETHER FORCEは2月1日に登場!!







    公式・開催抽選賞 参加方法



    メインストーリー楽曲の描写は「FINAL FANTASY」と同じですが、様々な視点から世�


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ※ All of the information on prices and release dates is subject to change without notice, and all future dates subject to change as necessary. For those abroad, we also accept payment in BTC.

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    Fantasy Action RPG

    Give your character a next life as a mighty warlord, and show your fighting skills in a vast world and endless adventures for players to conquer. If you like exploring exciting dungeons and having unique online adventures, you can download Tarnished!

    Riding on the hammer of the gods, your destiny and power lie with you. Make the best use of your skills and have the faith that your prowess will ensure victory.

    Do you have the magnificence and strength to become the next God? Become the God King in the Lands Between.


    ”Tarnished”, “Elden Ring” and all their team, product and service names are product names or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    The descriptions about the product are for marketing purposes only. Actual content of Tarnished and its content may vary significantly depending on content upgrades.

    You are using the product version subject to the license terms used at installation. There can be different variations depending on what license was used at installation


    System Requirements:

    1. Install the game
    2. Try playing for a while and see if the game runs smoothly and you enjoy the game.
    3. If the game is too slow or runs buggy on low-end systems, it will be more stable if you have a better CPU.
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    5. If the game feels too slow, you can improve performance by increasing the Texture Detail Setting.
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