Pond Plants

This page is currently under construction

While you wait for new content from the Charlotte Koi Club, you may want to read some of these articles available on the internet.
As with anything you read on the internet, do your own research, talk to club members and make your own decisions.

Our page in the future will feature descriptions of common plants water gardeners like to use with their koi pond.


Best Plants in Koi Ponds: https://cafishvet.com/2020/03/03/plants-in-koi-ponds/

Koi Pond Plants to Add Beauty and Improve Your Pond:  https://garden.lovetoknow.com/garden-basics/aquatic-plants/plants-koi-ponds

15 Popular Plants for Koi Ponds and How to Plant Them:  https://www.imountaintree.com/popular-plants-for-koi-ponds/