October Update

With Summer in the rear-view window, it is time to think about preparing our ponds for winter.

If you have a water garden or koi pond, think about pruning your lilies and lotus plants, removing the floating plants such as water lettuce and hyacinths, and removing as much debris as possible from the pond bottom. Remember as the temperature begins to drop, your feeding frequency should begin to taper off. Once temperatures reach 55 degrees once a day with wheat germ. At 50 degrees, it is time to put the food away until Spring.

Once temperatures have fallen below 50 degrees and you have stopped feeding, make sure to do a thorough backwash of all filters accompanied with a 20% water change. Don’t forget to continue with your normal water changes throughout the winter months.

Another thing to think of is treating your pond to keep parasites to a minimum. Terminate is great for treating salt resistant parasites (costia, chilodonella, ich, oodinium, and a variety of fungal infections). Peaziquantel will do a great job of taking care of any flukes.

Just remember that by eliminating as many parasites as possible now, will make for an easier start up in the Spring.


- Terry McClain