2.28.2024 The First Day of Spring is Less than a Month Away!

February is just flying by and I am looking forward to our first in-person Charlotte Koi Club meeting on March 9, 2024.  We will be meeting at Pond Country, Mooresville at 11:00 am.  Our speaker will be Joe Phagan, Pond Country founder & owner. He will be giving us the tour of this location and host a Q&A. Joe founded the company 25 years ago and has a wealth of knowledge and information. A separate email will go out announcing the meeting location and time. Please RSVP by March 5th so Pond Country will have an idea of how many people to expect on site.

As we see the first signs of spring – crocuses, daffodils and budding trees – we might be getting a little itchy to get out to our gardens and ponds. With the warmer temperatures, our koi might be feeling a little itchy too from flukes and other parasites. If your koi have not eaten during the colder months, their immune systems are weakened and they are susceptible to a variety of parasites. Make a point of checking on your koi more closely and frequently. Noticing symptoms and treating early will ensure a happier pond.

This month, our newsletter is focused on providing you with some information and tools to address the health of your koi. There are many solutions using products that can be purchased in stores and online. Some products work better than others. Most treatment protocols work best if you follow directions. Mixing treatment protocols is usually not a good idea.

Finally, I have found that you always notice a problem with koi around 3:00 pm Saturday and any store you could possibly buy from is closing in ten minutes, and not open on Sunday. Online shipping takes at least two days. It’s a good idea to have some basic treatment on hand — I’m sure you will find some of these products at Pond Country on March 9!

- Lori Vertin, President, Charlotte Koi Club