November Update

Well, as we approach the end of our pond season, I too am approaching the end of my term as club President. The past 4 years have been extremely rewarding for me, being able to pass along what knowledge I have gleaned from my journey through the Koi hobby; and absorbing additional knowledge from all of you. As one of the founding members of this club over 30 years ago, I have seen many changes take place and I am extremely pleased to see the enthusiastic leadership and members we currently have. Thanks for the great opportunity you gave me.

So, with that said, let me introduce our new president, Lori Vertin. Lori has been a member of our club for several years having relocated from Minnesota and comes to us with both the leadership skills, enthusiasm, and energy to take our club to the next level. She will be taking the reins in December. Please see her introduction bio elsewhere in the Newsletter.

Our meeting calendar has been filled for the year. Wendy and Peter Zomick in Corneilius has stepped forward and will host the November meeting. Felicia Santos and Carl Brinkman will be hosting our Holiday party this year. Additional information on both events can be found in the newsletter.

If you would like to volunteer to host a meeting in 2024, please contact Felicia Santos.

Hope to see all of you in November!

Terry McClain

- Terry McClain